Monday, August 29, 2011

On My Way to China La., Ended Up in (the) - Vatican, Louisiana

That sounds about right....Just when I had a plan, everything changed.  Sounds a lot like 6 years fact,  I think I will use that  from now on  in describing my Katrina experience.  Its an inevitable question -  "What was Katrina like for you?"  From now on I will say, "Well, it was a lot like planning a trip to China, only to find yourself in (the) Vatican..."  I would go on to say it was, and is,  about finding the balance between the two polar opposites.  So it's appropriate that I would find myself in (the) Vatican on the weekend of the Katrina anniversary.

My journey took a different direction when I headed towards (the) Vatican.  But I put my faith into believing that whatever path I chose was the right one for me.
Vatican Trinity
There were signs along the way to let me know I was on course, such as the house with the Jesus and Mary statues...

Jesus and Mary

And the street signs.  If I ever started to doubt myself, I just had to look no further than the street signs to regroup and get my bearings.

Pope Drive and Vatican Road

It's a different world out there in Vatican, Louisiana, but I soon got accustomed to my surroundings, and though things seemed strange, I began to recognize how much is really the same, wherever ya are.

The Digital World

Vatican Dwelling

Vatican Mail

The Vatican area is blessed with a beautiful and scenic countryside...

Hay and Fence

Vatican wasn't originally part of my trip, but I appreciate that it has become part of my experience.  I don't know where I'm headed next, but lines get crossed and plans get changed, so I know that wherever I end up is where I need to be...

Vatican Lanes

See you somewhere in the world!  - Natasha

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