Monday, September 22, 2014

French Quarter in Black & White - Sept 28th 2014

The world isn't so black and white.  There are many shades of gray.  What better location to explore this concept than New Orleans' French Quarter with its iron balconies, its somewhat linear shutters and contrasting light?  (Or diffused light, depending on the type of day...)  On September 28th I will be leading the "French Quarter in Black & White" photography workshop for American Photo Safari.  

All skill levels and cameras are welcome.  This is a 2 hour workshop focusing on finding shots that work in black and white using the compositional elements of tones & textures,  shadows & shapes.  The beauty of black and white is – anything becomes a subject.  With our eyes clear of distractions, we see subjects emerge in all kinds of light.

 That, and we run across glamorous felines from time to time..

*include a cat pic and the crowd goes wild..

best part is the black spot on his nose

Whether you are local or from out of town, whether photography is a hobby or a profession, you can see the French Quarter in ways you hadn’t before. 

There’s always another angle, another perspective, to any subject. Photography lets you explore those sides and choose how you want to see the world – in black and white, and all its many shades of gray. 

Hope to see you on the 28th!

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French Quarter in Black & White
Sunday, September 28th

** My Garden District Workshops are also offered every Wed & Sat**

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