Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nattie's Greatest Hits ... or Contradictions

Well, I released some newly recorded songs on Friday the 13th, so I think its only fitting to post about them on May 21st, the supposed Rapture...
Anyhoo, here is a collection of songs from my youtube page, freshly recorded and available for FREE listening or digital download.  Hope you enjoy!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Spirit of Betty the Bullhorn - Jazz Fest 2011

Betty couldnt be there in 'bullhorn' (person) as she is out scouting future photo shoot locations, but she insisted on tagging along with her photographer in spirit!
Betty sent her shout-out all through the fairgrounds...

Betty at the Jazz Fest!

                                           The Spirit of Betty the Bullhorn - Jazz Fest 2011

                      No line, not sure if thats a good thing or bad thing,
                      but good for most, i presume
           Chillin' with the gals

                                                   Betty and her photographer!  (c.) M. Byrne

                                     Betty and Jonathan Vilma! Betty and Jonathan Vilma!!!!

                                                    Betty rockin' the Fais DoDo stage

                                       Betty finds a kindred spirit - horns on his hat!

                                                      Betty groovin' to Paul Sanchez

                                                      Betty and the Bluerunners!

                                                               Betty and some friendz

                                                         Self-portrait with her photog!

                                                Betty and a brew at the Miller Tent

                                         Betty feelin' all patriotic watching Kid Rock perform

                                                          Betty livin' the High Life

Betty and her photog were THRILLED to see all the film-based photographers!
i hope this is recycling

The Neville Brothers.
Amazing Grace

A Jazz Fest Well Done.