Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidaze!

Happy Holidaze from me and all my 'nattie concepts'!

Natasha, Miss Delta Blue, Miss Purple Lele, Betty the Bullhorn, & (reluctantly) my uncooperative cat, Rhoda.  

It's that time of year again and this time me and all my nattie concepts decided to don our Santa hats.  Well, everybody except my cat, Rhoda.  She was mortified at the thought of being seen in public in full holiday regalia...  

She begged me not to make her do it..

But when I convinced her that she really did look cute, and that I would not show her face to any other feline, canine, or critter, she, ever so reluctantly....


With the stipulation, of course, that she would not have to face the humiliation of appearing at the actual photo shoot, so once again, Rhoda appears in a frame.

Have a Peaceful and Merry Christmas!!!
The World Tour resumes in the New Year!!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

The State of my World (Tour) - Performance/Exhibit Dec. 7th

From start to 2/3rds finished, the World Tour photographs are piling up and the song ideas are a' churning...

The state of my World Tour is well, what is has been from the get-go, its a works in progress. Originally planned for April, it began in July.  I thought I would be finished with the Louisiana portion by October, instead I'll probably finish in December/January.

All along the way I've been asked what I was going to do with it, what was my end result. The only definitive answer I could give is that being in the midst of the journey, I wasn't, am still not, sure of what the final outcome will be.   But I  knew along the way I'd chronicle my interchangeably international journey in a  music/photo performance piece, a la Nattie at the DMV.

In keeping with that spirit,  I will be presenting a short performance of the tour complete with ditties that are somewhat witty, and photography that is relatively sharp..  If you are in the New Orleans area next Wednesday, December 7th,  come check out The State of My World (Tour) at Buffas Bar & Restaurant.  Its a works-in-progress as I hope to develop a show for more international travel in the future.   I'll sing a few ditties about my creative journey and experiences with Transylvania Bats and Waterloo watering holes.  Sorta.   In addition to the performance I will have a photo exhibit on the walls featuring my (experimental) liquid emulsion prints.

 I've enjoyed playing around with different photographic formats and techniques during the World Tour, using 35mm, Holga, digital point and shoot and even camera phones to capture the ever changing landscape in the state of my world.  It's nice to know that through all of the wide variety of photographic apparatuses we have available to us these days to capture a diverse and evolving world, the true essence of photography: capturing, recording, and controlling light, remains a constant.

 Musically, well, the travels have provided me with a few tunes.  The ditties remain the same, but I am pleased to report I finally put a B minor into one of my songs, haha.

So I hope to see you December 7th as I celebrate the World (so far), the Journey (so far) , and my B minor.

Also, you can check out lots of photographic works this month as December brings with it PhotoNOLA, a celebration of photography in New Orleans.  Check their website to see a long list of photographic happenings all over town.

The State of My World (Tour)
Buffas Bar - Backroom
1001 Esplanade  NOLA (enter on Burgundy Street)
December 7th, 2011
8pm (precisely)

Travels from the North
(stay tuned, the Tour aint done yet..)

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