Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Adventures in Alexandria & Turkey (Creek), Louisiana

Oops.  I forgot about Alexandria.  I've been so busy this summer preparing for upcoming World Tour Presentations, that posting my latest blog slipped my mind.   I kept putting off Alexandria because it seemed the most obvious.  When I told people I was on a Louisiana World Tour, many responded with "so you're going to Alexandria, right?"  I guess it lacked the intrigue of Poland or China in my mind.  In fact, I passed through Alexandria many times en route to other destinations like Athens and Vienna.  

Finally though, the day came where I would visit the largest town on the World Tour, and I happily encountered an adventure in getting there.  It was late last spring when after photographing the China Cemetery, I decide to venture off to Alexandria.  What I didn't realize was that I was going to pass through another venerable town - Turkey Creek, Louisiana.  

I found this especially exciting, because in just a few short months, I will be visiting the country of  Turkey.  I wonder how it will compare to Louisiana's Turkey Creek.

In Alexandria, I knew I wasn't going to find Egyptian Antiquity, but I did find a colonnade:


Okay, so really it was an LSU building. 

But with its history, it was easy to capture an historic feel.  


Tree & Window

Alexandria Museum

The downtown area has a lot of quirky architecture, and I was drawn to photographing shapes...

 as well as the government buildings.  (Alexandria is the parish seat of Rapides Parish).

Rapides Parish Courthouse

Alexandria US Flag

Court House

Alexandria may be the most populated destination on the World Tour, but it definitely retains its small town feel. 

Red River Candy Co.

Daily Town Talk

Weiss & Goldring
Even the graffiti seemed harmless:

I ended my visit to Alexandria with a walk to the Red River.   

Red River

I found it humorous that the city I most avoided going to was the one i photographed the most.  Maybe it was because Alexandria was the largest, maybe it was how I chose to photograph it, or maybe it was because part of the World Tour is about opening up to new experiences and perceptions.  Yes, I think that's it.

Downtown Alexandria

(c) Natasha Sanchez

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