Photography: Lumen Prints

I began working with the Lumen Print Process in 2008.  Lumen Prints are essentially Solar Photograms - organic or manmade objects placed on black and white photo paper and then left out in the sun to develop.  It is one on the earliest photographic processes, developed in the 19th century.

Night Blooming Cereus 2010
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With lumen printing, shaping and viewing my world becomes even more thought provoking for myself.  I started by gathering dead flowers and leaves off the side walks in my neighborhood and giving them new life, offering the perspective that things arent always what they seem.  I self published a catalogue of my first lumen print series "Crescent City Illumenations" last spring.  

Crescent City Illumenations by Natasha Sanchez | Make Your Own Book

This year, 2014, I hope to finish work on my latest series of Lumen Prints entitled fLight. As I soar into Middle Age, and as I finish the Louisiana World Tour - feathers are most definitely in my future.  

stay tuned.  :)

Soaring fLight 2013
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