Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nattie at the DMV -- just released

Check it out - my one-woman show is now available online in book form!

Songs, Stories, and...
By Natasha Sanchez

Ordinary places and faces...extraordinary experiences...check out this collection of songs, stories, and photographs from my one-woman show "Nattie at the DMV"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Art Markets

It's that time of year....
Busy, Busy, Busy!
(and that's a good thing)

Saturday Nov 7th Freret Market 12-5 (Napoleon & Freret)
Sunday Nov 8th Ladyfest Art Market 12-6 Ashe Cultural Art Center (1712 Oretha Castle Haley)
Saturday Nov 14th Mandeville Trailhead (675 Lafitte Street, Mandeville)
Saturday Nov 21st Elysian Fleas (527 Elysian Fields)
Saturday Nov 28th Mandeville Trailhead (675 Lafitte Street, Mandeville)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"My G-strings Out of Tune"...AGAIN!!

My G-String is Out of Tune, Nattie's latest performance piece will be presented Sunday, September 20th @ the Blue Nile.

see press release below for more information:

artist inc. is announcing our first show!

Un Route

A cabaret of various artists presenting short original works of performance and a visual art exhibition. “Un Route” will continue monthly with a premiere show on September 20, 2009 at the Blue Nile.

Un Route

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Doors open at 4pm, show at 5pm
$7 - 18 and up
$5 - ages 3-17
(under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian)

The Blue Nile
523 Frenchmen Street, NOLA. 70116


Alex Burke has been entertaining audiences around the country for over ten years. Truly a variety performer, you may see him in the morning pulling kids up on stage in an educational show and that night you may see him throwing flaming torches around an unsuspecting volunteer. Hang on, you never know what to expect when he gets on stage.


Andrea Dupree grew up surrounded by the swamps of South Louisiana. Their natural serenity and visually busy qualities infiltrate her work. She is a formally educated artist, currently working in digital media and visual arts. Her professional undertakings have ranged from working at an artist-run citrus farm, to organizing happenings, outdoor multi-media concerts & community art projects in rural South Louisiana, to teaching and grant-writing. At present, Andrea is a teaching artist and grant writer in New Orleans. Her work in stop-motion animation explores inertia, in regards to both physical and spiritual notions. www.bluebird-art.com

Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre is a recently established nonprofit organization based in New Orleans. Their mission is to amplify the talents of dance theatre artists and to enhance the public’s appreciation of dance theatre through evocative productions performed locally, nationally and internationally. www.charddance.org

Nattie is the solo acoustic musical and performance act created and performed by photographer and songwriter Natasha Sanchez. Nattie performance pieces generally involve social themes dealing with the issues of self-worth and respect. Through storytelling in the form of light comical bantering between songs and projections of film-based traditional photography, Nattie illustrates her thoughts on themes ranging from self-discovery, self-respect and self-worth.

Tsunami Dance Company, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a New-Orleans-based modern dance company that incorporates athletic, innovative movement with a dynamic contemporary style. Their mission is to provide quality dance experiences as a means of enriching the New Orleans community through providing economic empowerment to dance artists through employment as performers, choreographers and teachers, raising awareness and access to the cultural arts through modern dance. www.tsunamidance.com

~coming up~

Look for our participation with the New Orleans Fringe Fest in November.


Artist Inc., (Artist International Connection Inc.) is a nonprofit networking service and production company. Artist Inc. develops and maintains an international network of relationships with artists, arts organizations, venues, suppliers of services, and many other arts related needs. They serve as a vehicle for all of these entities to connect, work together, request or offer services and support.

Artist Inc. was created by Reese Johanson. Having produced and performed for over 20 years, she continually came up against one same obstacle. How can an artist more easily expose to new audiences and in new places? Self promotion, networking and tireless drive will do it, but it takes a lot of time and work. Reese created Artist International Connection to act as a resource for both emerging and seasoned artists for expanding of production needs, public relations and contacts. www.artistinc.org

Do Good and Have Fun!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Facebook Blues - by Nattie


Zully rang my cellphone up one day,
Voicemail said “I’ve got something to say –
Give me a call, when you’re free,
You’re gonna wanna hear this news from me”

I sent her a text said ‘that’s mighty fine’
I’ll give you a buzz when I’ve got some time’.
It took ½ an hour to send those words,
But I think its easier, yeah, - it’s absurd.

A couple of days later I saw her online,
I thought I’d send a chat, but still no time.
Then I found out, she had got engaged,
From a friend who’s on her Facebook page.

Cuz we’re not connected on a social network,
And I didn’t call her back - I couldn’t hear it first.
So that’s how I heard Zully’s news,
Now I got me some Facebook blues.

These days we’re reduced to Twitters and tweets,
Surrounded by walls where the Facebook greets,
All 1,000 of our friends , even though we don’t know half of them.

MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Text,
Life in 1 60 characters or less.

(c) N. Sanchez 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PhotoSpaces, Lumen Prints, and Betty the Bullhorn!!

That's right, Betty the Bullhorn is alive and well and now you can send a Betty the Bullhorn Shout-Out with one of her greeting cards! Also available are images from the PhotoSpaces Series and one-of-a-kind Lumen Prints. Enjoy!

Buy Handmade

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nattie's "My G-Strings Out of Tune" @ the Salon 5/21!

the salon

(anything goes)



All Ways Lounge
(The Marigny Theatre)
2240 St. Claude Ave
                                            NOLA, 70116

All types of performance artists and theatrical presentations are invited to participate, 
including acting, dance, puppetry, film, spoken word, music, circus acts 
and any other art that can be performed in front of an audience.  

Come early and sign up to perform.

Each individual or group will have 7 minutes to get up and do your thing.  

Artist Inc hopes that this salon will be a nest and breeding ground 
     for emerging and professional artists alike to get up and work out new stuff.    

At 7:30pm The Salon is featuring:

My G-Strings Out of Tune: Nattie Tales of Pickin' Up and Drinkin' Up  is part of an ongoing series of performances using songs, stories, and photographs to chronicle real life social and cultural situations by photographer and songwriter Natasha Sanchez. It tells tales of pick up lines and good drinkin' times.  It may also serve as a what-not-to-do guide for dating. Ha! 

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Mardi Gras 2009

silver gelatin prints, hand colored.