Monday, February 21, 2011

No More Stalling

I've discovered, through the photos in my phone, that I like to take cell phone pics of writing in bathroom stalls. (Not your typical "For a good time call....")  Going through my cluttered phone today, the pics had even more meaning to me as I observed the time/date stamp on them.  Here's a few:

"have faith in humanity"  February 14, 2011  9:21pm    dba

 * I enjoyed looking at the time/date stamp and seeing just when I shot this.  Valentines Day, and on a red wall no less!  I'm not one for your Greeting Card Holidays, but I like that this was recorded on a day that celebrates love. Faith in humanity - yes indeed.

"HEY SHOCKY WAY  SAINTS 2010"   January 9, 2011  12:27am  Kerry Irish Pub

*'Nkay.  I have several "hey shockey way" shots, most from the Superbowl era.  This one is my fave, though.  Because 1.) It's Shockey!  and 2.)  This was shot the night of the playoff game.  When I took this i was still feelin' the love  for the Saints, but if you notice, just above it says "you're drunk again", hence my drowning sorrows at the Kerry 3 or so hours after that horrible loss...

"I MISS ME"  March 18, 2010      11:30pm       Kerry Irish Pub

*Another shot from the Kerry, almost a year earlier.  I had to look up that night. What was I doing March 18th 2010?  Well, my little Capricorn self keeps good records, and I was able to determine that I stopped in at the Kerry after playing a gig uptown.  The juke box was playing Cat Stevens and the crowd was good. I was just starting to transition from a difficult one? two? three? four? years into a year 'of my own'.  There had been times in those 1-2-3-4 years that I "missed me", and that night, Cat Stevens was bringing me back into my own.

"I heart Life"  September 18, 2010    1:43am     dba

* Which brings us back to...dba.  What can I say but that this pic was shot just as that year was coming in full force.  The last few months of 2010 were crazy, hectic, and plentiful.  But within working at that lightnin' speed pace,  I was lovin' the life I created for myself, every step of the way.  

***So glad to have perused my cell phone pics today to find these!  Who woulda thunk my life would be chronicled in cell phone bathroom pics!  I knock 'technology' alot.  But I am glad its there to help me record these odd little moments of life and to be able to write and share my experiences. Its got its moments.  (But never fear, I still got the facebook blues...)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

News from Nattie's Concepts February, 2011

Hope y'all are havin a delightful (yet cold) New Year!  I know I am.

If you know of anyone in the Vermont area, My print "His and Hers" from the Nattie & the Class of 2019 series was selected for the group exhibit "Human Artifact" at the Vermont Photo Space Gallery in Essex Junction, Vermont. The show runs from 2/4/2011 through 3/4/2011, with an opening on Feb 13th.

  Check out my latest commentary on the celebration of heredity and aging, my new YouTube ditty, Arthritic Stripper.  teehee.  You can here it along with many more ditties 2/17 @ the Neutralground (5110 Danneel)  8pm  

And lastly, I've been updating my site, , creating more galleries for easier viewing of my photos, as well as a new page for my lumen print series "Crescent City Illumenations". (Thanks to everyone who came out to the exhibit during PhotoNOLA!!)  Prints from the original series are now available.  

Alrighty, that's all i got for now - off to shoot, write, and print!