Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My World in Black & White: Out with the Old, In with the New

This week I listed quite a few prints on Etsy. www.nattieconcepts.etsy.com  It’s been  a while since I have done art markets on a regular basis, and last week I thought it was time to do some inventory and clear some space for more world travels and new works.  I didn’t realize what or how much that inventory would reveal.  For starters, I had much more stock than I realized.  My only intention was just to see what I had and then maybe try and do a market or two this holiday season.  But as I documented each print, I felt like I was reading a visual diary of my life over the past 6 years.

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Being in Texas after Katrina:

Texas Road         2005

In New Orleans after Katrina:

Happy Mardi Gras      December 2005

And Baton Rouge:  

Crosscurrent(cy)   2006
 I started doing art markets at the end of 2006.  This Walmart photo became my top market seller. I’d say it was for obvious reasons, but though I gave it my own slant with the title “Crosscurrent(cy)”, I always tell people that its up for open interpretation.  I’ve had people buy it for many reasons...

That Walmart photo, as it has come to be called, brought me to New York in 2006, when the Big Top Gallery here in NOLA was producing a show of New Orleans artists at the Brooklyn Lyceum.  That was a great weekend of photography for me. I spent my time wandering around and taking classic photos of iconic landmarks, shooting only one roll of my beloved 3200 speed film in the middle of a rainy day. The film choice and the weather gave amazing texture to these photos.  I feel like my photographic style was validated there.   I like to take timeless shots, because what we experience is just that. 

NYC - Central Park Bridge    2006

Central Park Lamppost   2006

When I did my first art market at the end of the year,  I displayed about 10 framed black & white 8x10 images, representing the world I saw. 

NOLA Love     2006

French Quarter House    2008

I continued to photograph & print, mixing in lasting images of the environment around me with social commentary & splashes o' humor here & there.

The Audacity     2008

 Eventually, I started making “PhotoSpaces”, the 10x20 triptychs that became a gallery of more documentation of the world around me. 

NOLA Potholes

Betty the Bullhorn added a nice touch to the art markets, she really found her niche there.  Now she has an Etsy shop of her own!

You Go Betty!    2008

I actually see no difference between my lumens, black and white prints, Betty the Bullhorn, the World Tour, or a Nattie tune.  To me, they all represent one moment of time that I wanted to preserve and ultimately, share.  

Princess & Stars    2011

In 2011, as you know, I daydreamed, planned, and embarked on the World Tour, continuing into 2012. I also made lumen prints with feathers and stars.  I wrote songs, played gigs, in other words : I have lots more work to produce.  Now I am currently daydreaming about my next batch of snazzy new World Tour darkroom prints.  So to make room for said Snazzy New World Tour darkroom prints, 
I'm letting go of the past - at really great prices, I might add  ;) - to make room for the now new.  

The 5x7 and 8x10 images I have listed are printed and ready to bring joy and/or a chuckle to someones home, office, or business  :)  These images are open editions,  but now is the time to get the handmade darkroom prints at these - did I mention - really great prices.  It's store of like a Nattie Concepts Clearance Sale.  (Cute!  I should put that on my site..)
Feel free to take a look and browse through my world in black and white.  And as always, feel free to share...there's more to come...


Faithful to her Trust     2007

Visit www.nattieconcepts.etsy.com  to view more images and more of my world in black & white 
World Tour triptychs available too! 

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