Monday, May 12, 2014

Now is Then & Then is Now - in Cuba, Alabama

Fresh off my trip from (the Prime) Meridian and Heidelberg, I arrived in  Cuba AL,

where I recieved a warm welcome.  

Cuba is as beautiful and colorful as it is hospitable

The Cuba Museum holds the history of the area, but alas, it is only open by appointment and I was short on time.

I did find an artifact right outside the door, though.  :)

I thought I had seen all there was of Cuba when,

while stopped along the road to photograph the cemetery sign, I met a local photographer who informed me of the downtown (just a few blocks away). Following his directions, I drove to the town center, and felt like I was stepping back in time. 

Cuba Post Office   2014
Cuba Mercantile & Railroad  2014
Cuba Residence   2014
Cuba Downtown Building   2014
Large, stately mansions contrast the remnants of what was once a bustling railroad town.  I learned from my new photo friend that most of these family homes sit empty - the former occupants have moved on - some to Meridian, others elsewhere.

I may have stumbled across a small town with the oh-so-common tale of a crumbling town center and a dwindling population, but with its natural beauty, history, and legacy - Cuba seems pretty large to me. 
Til next time..

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