Friday, July 6, 2012

Gettin' my Inner Brit on - in Welsh & Roanoke, Louisiana

Welsh Corp Limit

 I am deviating a bit from my theme of visiting Small Towns with International Names in order visit a Small Town with the Name of a Language.  I guess I feel the need to Channel my Inner Brit from time to time. In addition to my Spanish Canary Islander heritage,  my ancestry also spans the British Isles on both sides of the family.  So I'm throwing in Roanoke, which, okay, is neither an International Town nor a Language (well, if you are reading this outside of the United States it is an International Town..).  The Lost Colony of Roanoke was an English Settlement settled and abandoned in the late 16th century.  So,  it's English.  I think that counts.

But first - Welsh, Louisiana.  

Welsh Flag

I literally just passed through Welsh, and Roanoke, in Southwestern Louisiana, after my first trip to China.   I couldn't resist the pseudo-international feel, plus I wanted to check out the towns.  Another theme that has remained a constant throughout the tour, is that I  love small town photography.  And Welsh did not disappoint.

Welsh Lodge

There was some consistency to my photographs - they all seemed to include a triangle of some sort.  

Welsh Auto Body

Welsh Clinic

Much of my English, Scottish, & Welsh ancestry comes from my maternal side.   
And my Grandma liked flowers.  So, natch, I thought of her when I saw this:

Grandma's Garden

Forget the big chain stores - "Thrifty Way Pharmacy" and  "Market Basket"  is what shopping is all about.  
 It's like they just want you to smile.  

Thrifty Way - with purty flowers!

Market Basket

I even found the Green Gables. Not Anne, just a saloon.  And a triangle. 

Green Gables Saloon

From Welsh, I traveled to the not-so-lost-colony/town of Roanoke, Louisiana.  

Welsh Exit

Roanoke brought me back to my typical Small Town Sightings.  

The Post Office.

Roanoke Post Office

The church.

Roanoke Baptist Mission

The Store.

Roanoke Full Stop

The Machinery.

Roanoke Machine Shop

And an old train depot... at least it looked like one.  

By the Tracks

It's been over a month since I visited Welsh & Roanoke, Louisiana.  It's just taken a while to write about it and post the pictures.  In that time, the Sheriff of All Small Towns, Andy Griffith,  has since passed away.  I find it fitting to mention him here as he is buried on Roanoke Island in North Carolina, - the present day site of the Lost Colony of Roanoke.  

My Grandma always loved a good Matlock.  

Rest In Peace, Andy Taylor.  

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