Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Illuminating my World in New Orleans' Garden District

The World Tour posts segues into a bit of shameless self-promotion for my new self-published catalog of lumen prints, Crescent City Illumenations.  

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For this project, I didn't travel miles to see a new world, I simply gathered flowers and leaves from sidewalks in the Garden District and looked at my surroundings in a new light.  That's what a "lumen" print is. Essentially, a it is a solar photogram.  An object placed on light sensitive paper and then exposed in the sun.   In essence, it can be used as a paper negative to create a positive print, in black and white.  However, I like to keep them as they are, using the colors of the emulsions in the paper to further illuminate the subjects.  This series was done on a now defunct Agfa paper.  That paper can be used years after its expiration gives one of the biggest rewards of lumen printing - recycling.

Cat's Claw    2010

I began working with this process in late 2008.  Crescent City Illumenations was created in 2010.  Three years later, I still walk through the Garden District, picking up leaves and flowers, though I've also added feathers into my luminous reportoire, and I've gotten slightly more adventurous with bug wings.

I created this catalog simply to share "my world", the world I choose to see.  In that respect, this blog entry is no different than my posts on travels to China, Delhi, or Poland.  Hope you enjoy!  I'll be in Quebec soon, I hope.

Feel free to browse thru the book. If you'd like to purchase,  I thank you very much for supporting me, the World Tour, and all my 'nattie concepts'.