Being a photographer, the witty ditties & storytunes I write are simply musical snapshots of seemingly ordinary moments. Love songs of life. We gotta live it, might as well love it. Or at least crack ourselves up now and then.  haha.  My life has changed at the DMV. I've had spiritual validation at Walgreens. I've found peace with my inherited arthritis at a stripper store and while sitting at a concrete table speaking the truth in a dream. I curse technology, but love it all the same. And Lizards Rule. These are just a few of the themes I write about.  Hope you enjoy!  

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Recorded accidentally in the Summer of 2013, An Accidental EP was intentionally released in December 2013.

Its 9 minutes long features 5 songs you dont know and love. 
Zen Lizards - a song about the Buddhist-like qualites of a lizard and I wish I could be more like them.
Searching for a Tall Boy - recounts an ultimately successful search for the perfect Miller High Life Tall Boy.
My Big Head - observes the benefits of having an open mind.
Concrete Tables & Honest Conversation - recalls a lyrical description of a very visual dream I once had - a dream that I strive for in the hopes of it coming true. The dream of honest conversations, with ourselves, with each other
White Bread - Well.  Sometimes you have to channel your Inner Zen Lizard and just accept that your wheat bread just might be white. 

Nattie's Greatest (YouTube) Hits

For a while in the late aughts, I was posting YouTube videos of my lil ditties.  This is a collection of my Greatest "YouTube" hits.  You can listen for free, or pay-what-you-will and help support live, local music.
Jesus Love - confirming my faith at a Baton Rouge gas station
Arthritic Stripper - Realizing at age 38 that standing in a stripper store with arthritis in my hands was not how i envisioned my life when I graduated high school 20 years earlier.  Awareness of where my inherited arthritis comes from, however, makes me proud to accept who I am. 
Facebook Blues - this is the song that got me on Facebook. Sadly, its now dated.
Pennies from Walmart - the I-should-have-known-better song.
My Apologies to Technology - I curse technology, but love it all the same, especially when it gets me out of a parking ticket.

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