Friday, July 17, 2009

Facebook Blues - by Nattie


Zully rang my cellphone up one day,
Voicemail said “I’ve got something to say –
Give me a call, when you’re free,
You’re gonna wanna hear this news from me”

I sent her a text said ‘that’s mighty fine’
I’ll give you a buzz when I’ve got some time’.
It took ½ an hour to send those words,
But I think its easier, yeah, - it’s absurd.

A couple of days later I saw her online,
I thought I’d send a chat, but still no time.
Then I found out, she had got engaged,
From a friend who’s on her Facebook page.

Cuz we’re not connected on a social network,
And I didn’t call her back - I couldn’t hear it first.
So that’s how I heard Zully’s news,
Now I got me some Facebook blues.

These days we’re reduced to Twitters and tweets,
Surrounded by walls where the Facebook greets,
All 1,000 of our friends , even though we don’t know half of them.

MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Text,
Life in 1 60 characters or less.

(c) N. Sanchez 2009

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