Monday, August 1, 2011

Here Comes the Sun - in Liverpool, Louisiana

Ah, the road to Liverpool is a pretty one.  I won't lie, though. This is the sole photo (sole photo, not sole shot, I have a kajillon) that I have of this town.  There just isn't much there.  Or so it seems....

Liverpool wasn't originally on the 'tour'.  I happened upon its existence while en route to other fascinating destinations.  I made a mental note to visit before heading home. Lo and behold, the long and (sometimes) winding road getting there became one the highlights of my journey.  

I had planned to start the World Tour this past spring.  I was eager to get back on the road with my camera.  Back then, I was consumed with how I would shoot.  Which camera? Holga? 35mm?? What Film? B&W?  Cross-Process???  As the date kept getting pushed back, my thoughts turned from the mechanics of shooting to simply driving, seeing, and capturing. So when it finally came time to choose, I didn't even think about it.  I simply packed some Tri-x Film along with my favorite 35mm camera, plus a little point and shoot (for instant gratification purposes).

(Insert favorite Joseph Campbell quote here: "The form is secondary. The message is what is important.")

So it should come as no shock to realize that I discovered this image:

The one thought that never varied about this tour project was the Intent of Inspiration.  And if standing on a remote highway gazing out at Inspiration Park, complete with a life-sized figure of Jesus and artificial sheep, was inspiring to me, well,, so be it.  I rarely question my intuition or inspiration..

Hard to see here, but in the center are 3 crosses with "Jesus" spelled out underneath.  To the left is the Shepard and the sheep.  

The Way to Liverpool seemed destined for more divine evocations.  Aside from the scenic view, however, peaceful magnificence gave way to interesting and favorite small town sights like this one: 

I tried to find the gas station that would be attached to this sign, but it was nowhere to be found.  I did, however, spot this fixer-upper across the street:

As I got closer to Liverpool, another building captivated my attention - yes - another church. The roadside sign caught my eye:

I just thought it a nice sentiment, and advertising,  that could be applied to so many situations.  It also seemed to validate my choice to start this blog.  The World Tour was just going to be my own little project, maybe a show or a song later, but then I decided to share the journey along the way because - ob la di, ob la da - life does go on...  

One of my favorite things about shooting film is forgetting what exactly I shot until I see the negatives come off the reel.  So, imagine my excitement when I came across this beauty:  

A Very Nice Way to end the first part of my World Tour, and a Very Nice Way to begin the next phase of the World Tour.  The agenda is simple:  I'll follow the sun!

Venice LA
Cuba AL
Colombia  MS

**please pardon all the cliche Beatles references, I felt it necessary..** 


  1. Wow Nattie-Kerry just sent me this link. Great stuff. I assume Paris TX is on the list?

  2. Hey! Thanks - yup, got Paris tx on the list. May go to Paris, MS first though

  3. If you go to Paris go check out evergreen cemetary. Really neat old headstones. I lived there for 4 yrs and met my future husband there :). The fountain downtown is awesome too! There's a music hall where locals play bluegrass down by the tracks.

  4. Awesome, really good tip - thanks! I love old cemeteries - and bluegrass - so i may just have to bump it up a notch on the itinerary!