Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tiggers Never Get Lost - in Copenhagen, Louisiana

Tis True.  A Tigger never gets lost.

But I do.

It was bound to happen.  After all, I am an admitted hypocrite.  Just call me "Rabbit".   I knock technological advances all the time. I've written enough songs about it to produce an entire show. Yet when I go on my World Tour adventures  I am armed with only Google Map directions and my hotshot phone.   Yes, the Once-Upon-A-Time Wanna-Be Geographer doesn't even bring a map with her...It never dawned on me that I might want a broader view of the landscape, but then again, isn't that what this whole World Tour shenanigan is about?

But first - Copenhagen.

When I think of the Copenhagen countryside, I am going to think of tall trees and log cabins.  How appropo..

 I will also think of these Horse Bff's I encountered on my drive:

I should have suspected something was amiss in Copenhagen Proper, when the signs just didn't add up. Clearly, this shoe shop was closed.  And it was Saturday.

It took me awhile, driving through the winding wooded roads to realize that I didn't know where in the heck I was, that I had missed the signs for the roads I was supposed to turn on.   Since I didn't realize I was lost, I had no problem stopping off now and then for a photo shoot in the lovely forest.

Soon after the forest shoot was when I realized - 'Oh. I'm not supposed to be here anymore'.  Woops.  GPS and fancy phones work GREAT when you have a car charger or at least keep your phone charged. And when you are capable of reading a map the size your thumb.  (okay, palm..)

After a while of driving and guessing where I need to be, all the roads started to look the same, and I began to feel like I was in some sort of Truman Show type of reality.

Open Road...Curve...Woods...

Open Road...Curve and Woods...(again)

Open Road..Curve..and Woods...(again..)

Then finally --- I found my way out of the Forest.  I was so happy to see this sign:

And I knew which way I was headed - South.  So off I went.. Carefree, happy, and at peace with the lovely images I had captured in and near Copenhagen, Louisiana. Getting off track actually helped me to stay on my path.  So I was content.

And then.  The unthinkable happened.   I hit a squirrel.  I maimed it I think.   It happened so fast yet so clearly in my mind. I saw it flip and scamper off...WWTD?  (What Would Tigger Do?)  Well, I'm not Tigger, so instead of bouncing back to the injured Squirrel, I kept driving. With my hand over my mouth, shocked at what I had done.

 I didn't want to write about The Squirrel.  I didn't want to admit it is part of my journey. But it is.  I can accept that.  And hold out on the hope that 'yeah, maybe I made that Squirrel even stronger!'...sigh...

In conclusion, my trip to Copenhagen was beautiful, but also yielded many adventures.   I got lost like Rabbit, bounced back like Tigger, and then I maimed Twiggy.

I think a nice jar of honey would be good right about now.

All content (c) Natasha Sanchez

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