Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trippin' with Triptychs & more World Tour news

Contemplating in China  

Hidey Ho -  The World Tour is back out on the road this week!  The destination will be exposed in the next  blog post...

In the meantime I'd like to share some other news:

This Saturday, September 22nd, I will be giving a presentation on The State of My World (The Louisiana World Tour) at the Louisiana Studies Conference at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana.  The theme of this years conference, which begins Friday, September 21st,  is Louisiana Art and Artists.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the great presenters and sharing the state of my world with others.  :)  More info, including presenters and schedules, can be found here.


I'm getting back into creating triptychs from the World Tour.  I used to do art markets in another life, okay, well, really just a few years ago. I stopped doing them when I got back in the film biz and when I started leading photography workshops with American Photo Safari.  One of the positives in the digital world is being able to keep my art market stock going through my Etsy store. Check out my latest creations, "Contemplating in China", inspired by my visit to China last May/June, and "Polish Cows", my memories of Poland from last March.

Polish Cows

I also have a store on my website called the Authentic Shoppe.  Here,  I sell original lumen and silver prints.      Last December, I created a series of liquid emulsion World Prints on watercolor paper. I have a selection of these prints available in the Shoppe.

Pathway at Poverty Point

What's been so great about using Louisiana as a blank canvas is that I have been able to incorporate all of my mediums into the World Tour - photography (traditional, some digital and alternative), storytelling, songwriting, & performing .  Well, I haven't quite fit in the lumen prints yet, but I am sure that is coming.  I did attempt to make a lumen print out of some cotton from Hamburg, but that didnt go over so well.  Ah well.. never know unless you try..

 Everytime I think the World Tour is at an end, another international destination arises. My world is getting larger every day.  But I am moving towards creating a more permanent, final work of this project.  Any funds from prints purchased goes towards that goal.   If you'd like to browse, purchase a print and support the tour, visit these shops:

NattieConcepts Etsy
Authentic Shoppe


In the spirit of sharing my various mediums with others, tomorrow night my gig at the Neutralground Coffeehouse will be a World Tour pre-show/benefit show starting at 8pm. I'll be singing some of my World Tour ditties and one or two members of my new chick band, The Rhodas will be on hand to showcase some of the tunes we've been working on.  Should be a fun night. Come on out, support the Tour and see what The Rhodas are all about!

Nattie's World Tour Pre-Show/Benefit with special guests The Rhodas
Neutralground Coffeehouse
5110 Danneel NOLA

****non-World Tour note:  Yes, my new chick band, The Rhodas, is named for my illustrious cat and her namesake, Rhoda Morganstern.  *** (my cat is kinda mortified about it, though)

I'll have a new post next week!

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