Friday, March 16, 2012

Poland is in Louisiana???

Yes, Virginia, there is a Poland,  Louisiana..and it looks a lot like this:

Polish Cow,  2012

But before I get to the Polish Cows, let me explain as to how I came to know about Poland in the first place.  I'm chatting with a friend a few months back who begins telling a story of someone she once knew - from Poland, Louisiana.  Her mannerisms and laughter indicate that the story is a humorous one, but I am unaware of the particulars, as I've stopped listening and my mouth is hanging open in disbelief.  All I could think to say was..."There's a POLAND in Louisiana????"  After all, I had been on tour since July and even passed near Poland, unaware of its existence.

It was a dark and stormy day, when I set out to see Poland for myself.  Not quite Mid-March, yet the ides were near.

The Ides of March photos were taken at a cemetary in (or near) Effie, Louisiana.  Stopped to take photos and get directions.  

Poland proved itself to be very hard to find - like it didn't want to be found at all.  The only acknowledgement of its actuality on Google Maps was the location of Poland Jr High School.

 I had, as usual, gotten off track, thank you Google, and ended up on the wrong side of the Red River.  I was told by the nice gentleman I met at the cemetary in Effie to "Get back on 1, pass through Echo, and you will see the sign to Poland."  When I found the sign, I turned right, just as the arrow pointed, and drove.  

I saw no other sign for the infamous school, but I did start to doubt my geography...

Finally, I saw signs of life. 

Yes, cows.  Cows are a plenty in Poland, Louisiana. I ran into quite a few.  

Just when I was content with the cows being my only sign of Poland - the Fire Station appeared. 

And then the Baptist Church.

And there, hidden amongst the trees, so often noted when Poland is mentioned, was the school.

Pleased that I had found evidence of civilization (outside of the cows, of course), I left the rural countryside and headed up back up the road towards Highway 1, where I would make my way to whereever the world leads next. 

I really enjoyed the landscape as I cruised about, and I can appreciate, and relate, to a town not wanting to be found. Sometimes we need to just get away...

all content (c) Natasha Sanchez

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