Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nattie Dittie of the Month - Pennies from Walmart

The reason why I have these quirky lil narratives I call "Witty Ditties" is because I went to an open mic night at the Neutralground a few years back. I thought I'd go to the open mics every once in a while then maybe 'in a year' i'd book a show there. Well, my friend "Bossie" showed up and ended up booking me a show for the following month. I was traumatized. And realized i didnt have enough songs for an hour, so I best get to writing. After that initial show, i had a personal goal of writing one song a month so I'd have something new for every show.

I've slacked off since then. Now I write when I feel like it. I guess once i built up a catalog of songs I didnt feel the need to challenge myself. But Nattie always needs a challenge. So, I've decided to create one for myself....a new song a month that I will post here on this blog...

Hope you enjoy the first one - I started off April at Wal-mart. And now I have a ditty to share...

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